Sometimes you just need to roll with it.

Today was a perfect example of  “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”.  I woke up with Molly at 7am and was excited to start the day.  She was in a great mood – I fed her and we played until about 8:30, when she had her nap.  I was able to jump in the shower, throw in a load of laundry and clean the kitchen. (This may not sound too exciting to some, but to me, these activities are a big win.)

The plan for today was to go to Molly’s pediatrician and have him sign a document approving my donation of milk to the Milk Bank at Mount Sinai (I was able to get my own family doctor to sign the additional documents on Friday).  After the final piece of paperwork was signed, I was going to go and drop off the documentation in person so that I could get the approval to have my blood taken today.  (Blood tests are another requirement for milk donation – obviously).  I am more than eager to get fully approved by the Milk Bank because I have approximately 250-300 ounces of milk to donate and my freezer is getting full.


I got to Molly’s pediatrician’s office early and he was kind enough to sign the approval form right away.  Perfect!  I arrive at Mount Sinai, park the car, and head inside with my envelope full of paperwork.  “Excuse me, could you tell me what floor the Milk Bank is on?”, I ask the information attendant with a big smile.  “17th floor.” Sadly the attendant was not as peppy on a Monday morning.  I head up to the 17th floor and nobody is able to guide me to the Milk Bank – strange.   After about 15 minutes of multiple directions, I find a nurse who is able to tell me that the milk bank is actually on the 18th floor.  Awesome!  An important detail you should know: I didn’t want to get the stroller out so I was carrying Molly in her car seat.  By this point, my right arm is throbbing.  I get to the 18th floor.  No Milk Bank sign anywhere. So Awesome! The sweat is now beading down my face.  I finally find the Milk Bank, except that it isn’t an office but a locked room where it is processed.  Nobody in sight to take my documents.  I’ve spent a half hour literally roaming the halls of the hospital and I decided to give up and just mail it in.


When I got to the car I thought it would be fun to go and visit Cakestar (, my Italian family in Etobicoke.  Once on the Gardner, I realize that I should just double check that they are open.  They are not.  Awesome!  I get off at Kipling and head back downtown.  Trying to not loose sight of the day, I decide to head to the Beaches and check out the Moo Milk Bar (  I’ve heard such great things and figured it would fit into my ‘milk-themed’ day.  I park a few doors down, get out and walk to the storefront.  It’s closed on Mondays.  I literally throw my hands up and yell, “COME ON!”  Clearly today, I just need to roll with it.


I give Ashley a call and see if he would like to meet up for a quick lunch.  Phew, he is free. At least something is working out.  Molly and I have a pizza lunch with Ashley, Molly gets a snuggle, and we head home.  We both decide that this afternoon deserves sweatpants and some cuddles considering we have been wandering the city of Toronto for most of the morning.


On our way home I see the sign for Lazy Daisy’s Cafe (  I suddenly remember having an incredible dessert at the East York market and I’m pretty sure it came from Lazy Daisy’s.  I pull over, grab Molly and head in.  Yep – this is the spot.  The Joy Bar, a heavenly mixture of coconut, chocolate, and other unmentionable elements of deliciousness, was looking right at me through its glorious display case.  Service with a smile is an understatement, and I walk out with a Joy Bar and a wonderful decaf latte.


Arriving at home, Molly and I get into our comfies and curl up on the couch for a good cuddle.

Someday’s you can over-plan and the universe will quickly kick you back and make you realize that you just have to roll with the punches… and when you do, happiness and pure bliss will find you.


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  1. Rosie says:

    Great read keep um coming – my mum always said when one door closes another one opens – it may take a while but there you are “Lazy Daisy’s café” for one!! Life is full of twists and turns and it sounds as if you handled the day great !! xx

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