Who is Prue Richardson?


Well, she is my Mom.  Not just any Mom, but MY Mom.  One of the strongest human beings I know and someone who has more might in her tiny 5′ ft frame than most defensive linebackers.  She was the perfect match for my father.  Since I’ve written a few posts about him, I felt it was only right to give you a bit of background about his other half.


The link below will lead you to an article written about my Mom, in a magazine called the The Chronicle of the Horse.  It’s a great background starter 😉



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1 Response to Who is Prue Richardson?

  1. Patty Davis says:

    Was googling Prue to see what she is up to. I’m Patty Davis and I used to work for Professional Auction and wanted to talk to her about this unusual pony situation I have that she might be able to help. If you could give her my cell: 540-905-6604. I am not sure I have her number anywhere since I’m in the process of moving. If I find it I’ll try and call! Thanks

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